Mission Statement

This mission and purpose of Garcia and Sons Construction Co. is to become a leader in the industry by creating value added construction services for our customers by providing safe, quality and timely construction Services at competitive prices.

Garcia and Sons Construction will ensure the longevity of the company by referral and repeat business by always understanding our client’s goals and not just the task the company was contracted to perform.

To lead through, honesty, respect, integrity, attention to detail, professionalism to our vendors, subcontractors and customers while maintaining an empowered goal.

Our Company

Garcia and Sons Construction Co. is a family owned company that aims to provide Earthwork, Site Drainage, Concrete Construction, Site Utilities, Demolition and Construction Observation and management. The company is experienced in Commercial, Industrial, Municipal Construction and project management. Garcia and Sons plans to bid on all levels of projects throughout central Illinois and Indiana.

The company plans to expand on its experience and develop into a leading provider of a wide spectrum of construction Services. Garcia and Sons Constructions diversified scope of work will create a competitive advantage to its customers. In order to achieve this goal Garcia and Sons will invest in innovation through equipment, tooling and most importantly staffing.

Commercial construction is not an easy industry and todays OSHA and labor regulations make it difficult for many small businesses to understand what the needs are to meet their customer’s production and safety expectations. Garcia and Sons Construction Co. is well versed and trained in today’s safety regulations and standards. This level of awareness makes us not only a safe organization, but builds trust and accountability for our customers.

Meet the Team

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Ray Garcia

President & CEO


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